Instead of starting calculating...
'Numerology Calculator' software is product of many years' development in
      the numerology profession.

'Numerology Calculator' was developed in their help of world seniors
      numerologist and based according Chiro's to the number theory.

'Numerology Calculator' is based on system of English' letters.

'Numerology Calculator' takes into account also the Gregorian date like
      another source for the purpose of calculation.

'Numerology Calculator' covers most of the grades of the known calculation
      of the area and were considered extremely at the area between the
      professionalism in this territory.

'Numerology Calculator' is an aid for numerology that supplies service to
      customers in their way of current.

'Numerology Calculator' is carrying out dozens of different calculations
      nowadays in a push of button and an inventor renews a shovel of
      numerology profession in the 21 st. century.

'Numerology Calculator' enables the surveillance of the data as a card index
      to customers.

'Numerology Calculator' enables the printing of the numerology map to the
      printer tool or transfer the numerology map as the photo file to the

'Numerology Calculator' is use in the Middle East too In a version that was
      developed to the language of the holiness.(Hebrew)

'Numerology Calculator' was developed to computers that run Windows.
      The software package was developed by expert Numerologist from
       the whole world and is based according the number theory of
      Chiro's and brings many calculations in a push of a button.
      The software package leads the Numerologs profession to the 21 st.
Instead of starting calculating, the software package takes ejection out within on second and possible the surveillance of the customers' tickets, printing of an map come on in a minimum using color.
Also all prints accompanies automatically numerologs details such as: His name, telephone and his internet's website.

The Software Calculation  :data of birth , innate first name,
 present first name ,family name ,present first name and a family name
Parents' .

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  'Numerology Calculator' was developed to
  computers that run Windows.
  The software package was
  developed by expert Numerologist
  from the whole world and is based
  according the number theory of
  Chiro's and brings many
  calculations in a push of a button. 
[ Life Path
[ Expression
[ Soul Urge
[ Inner Dreams
[ Personal year

[ Pythagoras square
[ Relationship
[ Combination
[ First Challenge number
[ Second Challenge number
[ Main Challenge number
[ Final Challenge number
[ First Pinnacle number
[ Second Pinnacle number
[ Third Pinnacle number
[ Fourth Pinnacle number
[ Physical and Mental
[ Emotional and Intuitive
[ North Node &  South Node 



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